Corporate Services

Corporate events, by very nature, necessitate the highest degree of precision and planning. If anything is amiss about it, discerning guests can immediately sense it. Ajivasan Aspire is sensitive to every aspect of what’s at stake!

What We Offer

Artiste Management

Artiste Management for Corporate events is a highly specialised task, as all artistes are unique.

Ajivasan Aspire works with the well-known names in the industry representing different genre. What’s more, they enjoy working with Ajivasan Aspire given the poise and grace with which everything is handled. These celebrated performers are highly individualistic. Understanding them, and managing the event calls for a fair degree of balance to make the event memorable.

Looking for a high decibel rocking performance towards the end of a Sales/ Customer Meet, or a quiet evening of a well-known exponent or a traditional baithak for a special occasion, come to Ajivasan Aspire.

What We Offer

Event Management

Picture perfect events exhibiting flawless execution and performances achieve a lot more. Set benchmark for years to come. Become talk of the town. Let Ajivasan Aspire make them memorable in its signature style of impeccable planning and flawless execution.

Foundation Day

Celebrate your company’s Foundation Day with a celebrity singer’s enthralling performance. Employees enjoy them and their family members are known to talk about the event. Thus, spreading a word about the company!


Add a different flavour to any Conference being organised. Let the culmination be in the form of a concert.

Annual Meet

Discuss business by the day, and unwind with a musical by the evening. Ajivasan Aspire can plan something befitting the occasion.

Key Customers’ Meet

Let your key customers have a gala time with a rocking performance after the Business hours of the Meet. Perfect way to end the day.

Bhajan Sandhya

Plan an evening dedicated to Bhajan on a special occasion such as Patriarch’s birthday or birth anniversary. Such events have a lasting aura.

VIP Delegates Visit

Managing an event for an important delegation? Organise an evening that gives them a glimpse of our culture, foreign delegates especially love such events.